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Sunday, 17 December 2017

How to: Do It Yourself Christmas beauty crackers

Christmas crackers solve our gifts dilemma with an eco-friendly and colourful solution able to transform even the smaller present into a lovely discovery all year around! Why and how? Keep reading...

Christmas crackers are a British tradition and can be replicated with easy at home to customize little gifts with a touch of fun. They are a recurring presence on every and each Christmas table used as place cards and looks like tubular candies, indeed they were created in 1847 by Londoner Tom Smith for his bonbons.

All you need for your own small or big Christmas crackers are:
toilet tubes, cracker or crafting papers, scotch tape, ribbons and cracker snaps which allow the cracker to "explode".
They are the perfect solution for those little gifts like, nail polishes and lip balms that, despite always appreciated would look too small!


With or without the "boom" from which the cracker has taken its name, you can create your Christmas packages and, in this case, your gifts will look like a simple and safer candy.
I usually make use and recycle empty toilet paper tubes or sturdy cardboard and 
bright wrapping papers to create my do it yourself and ecological gifts.

Christmas crackers are a favourite season package chosen by several beauty brands.
Here's Marc Jacobs Beauty "The Night Owl" cracker featuring its bestseller Velvet Noir Major Volume mascara

Christmas crackers look lovely on the top of a full dinner table or under your Christmas tree and extremely easy to do!
They are so versatile that can be created on every occasion throughout the year when a small gift has to be given and to create a bigger surprise...
Zero inspiration? You may be interested in gifts ideas for beauty and chocolate lovers.

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

Image credits:
Marc Jacobs beauty Facebook page

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Beauty Friends II by Vanedo - Coenzyme Q10 23gr. Essence Mask Sheet Pack, review

It’s time for a new Korean face mask: Beauty Friends II Coenzyme Q10, an essence mask sheet pack by Vanedo, because sometimes an extra kick to fight dryness and ageing is super welcome. 
I’ve taken a lens to analyze it...

Beauty Friends II by Vanedo - Coenzyme Q10 23gr. Essence Mask Sheet Pack, review

This essence face mask is part of the huge Beauty Friends II by 
Vanedo "packed and pocket" skincare range: sheet face masks rich in natural extracts for all kind of skin conditions.
Beauty Friends II by Vanedo Coenzyme Q10 essence mask sheet pack is suitable for all skin type and has a main anti-ageing action: it promises to reduce free radical damages, while gently cleanses and moisturizes our skin.

Beauty Friends II by Vanedo - Coenzyme Q10 23gr. Essence Mask Sheet Pack, review

The product: packaging
The Beauty Friends II by Vanedo Coenzyme Q10 essence mask sheet pack comes carefully folded inside a package with illustrated instruction and contains 23 gr. of essence.

Formula and texture: the mask
The Beauty Friends II Coenzyme Q10 essence mask sheet pack by Vanedo, exactly like the Snail 23gr. essence sheet pack mask and all the other Beauty Friends II masks, has a round-ish shape that’s slightly flattened at both sides. It has a high-quality texture and it's soft to the touch
Because of its shape, it doesn’t cover completely my face and creates uncomfortable folds.

Formula and texture: the serum/essence
This sheet mask is soaked in a transparent fluid with a fresh-floral fragrance.
This treating essence isn’t sticky and gets absorbed into the skin rather quickly. Quite pleasant!

Beauty Friends II by Vanedo - Coenzyme Q10 23gr. Essence Mask Sheet Pack, review

How to use:
The Beauty Friends II by Vanedo Coenzyme Q10 essence mask sheet pack can be used both at room temperature, warmed up (placed inside its bag in warm water at 50C° for 2-3 minutes) or, as I recommend, cooled down. The steps are basic: after washing your face, apply your favourite toner to prep your skin, then “wear” your mask and relax for 15 to 20 minutes.
After the removal, I suggest slapping gently your face to help the essence penetrating into the first layer of the skin. Then just continue with your regular skincare routine.

The Beauty Friends II by Vanedo Coenzyme Q10 essence mask sheet pack has such a fresh scent and a nice texture that’s really pleasant.
Apart from a slight pinching sensation and a localized redness affecting the driest areas of my skin, the final result was what I was looking for and hoped.
My skin felt refreshed, smooth and extremely elastic...

it smells pleasant,
it has a no-sticky formula,
it hydrated the skin,
it leaves the skin supple and elastic

due to its shape, it doesn’t cover completely every and each face,
it relatively hard to find,
it may tingle the skin (in case of dry and very sensitive skin)

I’ve found more pros then cons, hopefully, there’s enough essence to be stored for at least another application, but not too much.Should I recommend it? If your skin is like mine, that is a combination type, you can go for it.
I truly recommend it in case of early signs of ageing and skin condition connected to a light loss of hydration. But be careful if you have very dry and/or delicate skin: you should test the essence before the use and shorten its application time. Go for it but keep in mind to apply your moisturizer as soon as possible to make the result lasting longer.

Where to find the Beauty Friends II by Vanedo Coenzyme Q10 essence mask sheet pack?
This face mask is available on many Korean skincare e-shops, ebay and Amazon but its price and availability vary depending on stocks and sites. In Italy, the fastest and more convenient store is My Beauty Routine with its good price: 1.50€!

Pampering, relaxing and fighting ageing is all in one easy bag with Beauty Friends II Coenzyme Q10 essence mask sheet pack (what a long name pfuuuuu) by Vanedo!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

Monday, 30 October 2017

Retro Hollywood diva makeup look (Golden Era of Hollywood)

Every girl dreams of being and feeling like a Hollywood diva at least once in her life... hopefully some old makeup can make it! Here am I with this quick Hollywood-inspired look that's perfect for any costume party, Halloween or Carnival event...

Retro Hollywood diva makeup look (Golden Era of Hollywood) by Valentina Chirico
Retro Hollywood diva makeup look (Golden Era of Hollywood) by Valentina Chirico

A bit 20's flapper with that sparkly headband and pointy lips, a bit 30's femme fatale with long and luscious lashes. A retro look that's all about the glitz and the glamour of the Golden age of Hollywood.

These are the key features and products for this makeup look:

1) a pale an luminous complexion with a pearlescent foundation and silver highlighter (I used Pupa Active Light light activating foundation in #002 Ivory and Pupa Luminys Touch face illuminator #01Luminous Ivory),
2) nude eyelids and a well-set face (for this I used just one product: Pupa Like a Doll Compact Powder #3 Natural Beige),
3) long, black and endless doe deer lashes (I used Revlon Beyond Lashes Long Volumising) with a touch of Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara to blend them,
4) a.... red pout!

Women on screen, stages and real life have been loving and showing their red lips from 20's to 50's. 
A red lipstick I'm totally in love is RealHer Moisturizing lipstick in Be Yourself Be RealHer...

RealHer Moisturizing Lipsticks with cocoa butter

Why? This lipstick glides easily and keeps my lips very moisturized with a vivid shine. I've previously drawn my lips with Pupa Made To Last Definition Lips lip liner in #301 Terra di Siena, in a quite matching red, to prep and help set the lipstick.

But, with my not so great surprise, I've found that Be Yourself Be RealHer is so pigmented that becomes the perfect blusher
A savvy and smart makeup tips: a very pigmented red lipstick, smudged onto the apples of the cheeks, creates a healthy rosy glow.

Retro Hollywood diva makeup look (Golden Era of Hollywood, the Great Gatsby inspired)

At the end, with my eyebrows, I think more about Katharine Hepburn...
What else for this Hollywood makeup look? A sparkly headband (essence), waves, and a red nail lacquer. Freckles are an option from Mother Nature I decided to keep.
Try it and go grab your Oscar!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens
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